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 We are pleased to invite all those who work in the field of the Catholic audiovisual production to register proposals and projects to this fund that, after a long management we may present to you.

 Continuing with the purpose that, from the beginning, inspired SIPCATV service, we are confident that this is a significant action in order to ensure the viability of Catholic producers activity, preventing their disappearance and encouraging the growth of quality in technical and narrative terms.


The lack of encouragement to those who have a vocation for the audiovisual realization generates a great loss of human talent and valuable resources for evangelization.


One of the novelties of this proposal is that the beneficiaries must respond to a list of topics, genres and production criteria that is produced in conjunction with the Catholic network that integrates SIPCATV. In this way the fund is intended to support productions that in their storylines and narratives develop the following topics: Care of the Common House, Social Violence, Children, Family.


Only producers from Latin America may apply.


First Call: February 15th,2017

Deadline: April 30th,  2017

Finalist Candidates: June 1st,2017

Delivery of funds: A single delivery of the amount after signing a compromise agreement with SipcaTV by fund's beneficiaries.

Deadline for Productions Delivery: December 31st, 2017

Genres and Amounts:

3 Documentaries x USD 5.000 each

3 Clips (Musical Videos, animations, spots) x USD 1.500 each


Registration can be held from February 15 until April 30, this process will be carried out only by means of the form which will be available on the website  http://sipca.tv/bases-y-convocatoria/

For any inquiries or comments please write to consultas@sipca.tv


*The producers' fund bears the name of Mr. Leandro Lanzotti, co-founder of BNC and SipcaTV who was also one of the managers and promoters of this fund.


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